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ALTER Sconce | Bronze

ALTER Sconce | Bronze


Sandcast Solid Bronze

350mm x 350mm x 90mm


Sand cast by hand and alchemy to represent the unity of matter, spirit and energy.


These sculptural light works take their form from alchemic symbols. Like alchemy, which transforms matter and spirit, Kaytar’s process aims to change materials and imbue them with new life. Sand-cast by hand and left raw to develop a natural patina, they possess a living presence. The circle form in the Alter works represents completeness and unity, symbolizing the constant transformation and evolution of matter and energy. The solid metal spheres reflect the idea that all elements and forces in the universe are part of a greater whole, embodying the eternal cycle of creation, destruction, and transformation.


This solid metal piece is sand-cast by hand. The unique ripples and pitting in the material are to be celebrated for their individual beauty. Raw aluminium, brass, and bronze will naturally develop a patina over time, adding to their inherent beauty. If desired, a high-quality metal polish can restore their original brightness and shine.


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